Bangla news history: ancient newspaper ‘Samachar Darpan’

Samachar Darpan (1818-1852)

Samachar Darpan the first weekly newspaper of Bengali language edited by John Clark Marshman, published from Serampore Mission. Before that The Digdarshan first Bengali Magazine was published form Serampore Mission.

News that was printed in the Newspaper:

  • Appointment of judge, collector and other officers
  • News from England and Europe and news of the country
  • News on trade
  • News about births, marriages, and deaths
  • Ancient history of India, scholars and book details
  • The details of laws and orders issued by the governor
  • Industry and Factories details from books written by Europeans and the Books from England

The price of the magazine was a monthly one and a half rupees. The responsibility of the editorship of the magazine was mainly entrusted to the local scholars. If the scholars were absent, the news release was stopped in the magazine. Jayagopal Tarkalankar was the scholar of editorial-division in the early days of Samachar Darpan. In January 1824, when he joined the College of Sanskrit as a Professor of Literature, Pundit Tarunicharan assisted in performing Samachar Darpanan for four years. For those who do not know Bengali, Persian version of Samachar Darpan was released from Serampore on 6 May 1826.

Immediately after the establishment of Hindu College in Kolkata in 1817, the people of this country responded to learn English. For this reason, from the year 1829, Serampore Mission arranged for the bilingual (Bengali and English). Since 1832, it was necessary to publish twice a week, its first term published on 11 January Wednesday. The last term of Samachar Darpan was published on December 25, 1841, as the editor was entrusted to a new Bengali weekly paper.

The second stage (1842-43):

At this stage, the paper was published in both English and Bengali languages in February 1842 by the native editor Bhagwati Charan Chattopadhyay of Kolkata. The second part of the magazine was going on for a while.

The third stage (1851-52):

At this stage, the newspaper was completely closed after one and a half years.

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