Anandabazar Patrika | Bangla Newspaper in modern time

History of Anandabazar Patrika:

Anandabazar Patrika started its journey on March 13, 1922. It was a Swing day. The founders were Suresh Chandra Majumdar, Prafulla Kumar Sarkar, Mrinalkanti Ghosh and others. The first publication was printed in whole red ink. British Government spokesman Englishman took it as a danger signal. In the nationalist ideology, the Initiated magazine attracted the attention of people for fearlessly publishing news from the beginning. Prafulla Kumar Sarkar, the first editor of the newspaper, announced in the editorial – “Swaraj is my birthright, and we have to get it.”

In 1923, editor Profulkumar and Principal Adhar Chandra Das wrote an article about revolutionary Jatindranath Mukherjee (Bagha Jatin) and received a month’s imprisonment. Satyendranath Majumder was arrested for publishing articles on freedom movement on July 25, 1927; again six months imprisonment for the same type of crime in 1930. Thus, in 25 years, 19 punishments came down on ‘Anandabazar’. But, the magazine has continued to work sincerely in the ideals. In order to improve printing quality, the first “Line Type” was introduced in Bengali paper in 1935. The political aspect of Anandabazar Patrika was not certain.

From the writings of Sivaram Chakraborty, the newspaper was placed on the press wall and people were read it standing. One time Shiviram Chakraborty himself ferries this newspaper.  Magsaysay Award Amitabh Chaudhary also once edited the magazine. At present, local news is served in this newspaper, international news is almost unimaginable.

Today’s Anandabazar:

The Anandabazar is now widely known as the most widely publicized magazine in Bengali. They have their own spelling style. ‘গান্ধী’ is written to ‘গাঁধী’, ‘ডেঙ্গু’ is ‘ডেঙ্গি’, during the Olympics, when all the magazines are writing ‘সিওল’, Anand Bazar wrote ‘সোল’ etc.

Every morning, about 70 lakh educated adult Bengali people read Anandabazar Patrika. In West Bengal from every two newspaper readers, one reader reads Anandabazar. Most amazing part is, most people in the high society of Calcutta do not have the English newspaper. They use to read the news in the local language.

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