UNESCO was taken hostage to big politics

In Paris, the new Secretary-General of UNESCO is elected. In the final round – candidates from France and Qatar. Elections would not attract much attention if the scandal did not come out the day before. The US announced its withdrawal from the organization, followed by Israel. UNESCO unites 195 states and struggles to preserve the world cultural heritage.

Why did Washington decide that this fight no longer concerns it?

The status of the United States will change from next year. They will be registered only as observers in an organization, that not only works to preserve cultural heritage but unites all countries of the world. Now Washington has no rights and no obligations. About their desire to withdraw from UNESCO, the US announced at the most inopportune moment. Just now they are choosing a new CEO, who will most likely change the policy of the organization.

Who should lead UNESCO?

To a common opinion, member states can not come as early as Monday. The crisis manifests itself in everything. The organization, which always tried to be out of politics, once again proved to be its hostage. Although literally the day before the resolution on Palestine was adopted. US and Israel supported that,  this is one of the reasons why the Americans decided to slam the door. According to them, UNESCO is anti-Israel bias.

“The politicization of UNESCO in recent years has affected,” confirms UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova.”I think that we all have to work together, especially the United States, which are the founders and one of the most important supporters of all our work.”

They were since the 46th year. The truth in the 84th came out then Ronald Reagan accused UNESCO of anti-Americanism and wastefulness. The United States returned under Bush. Their contributions are 22% of the budget, about 80 million dollars a year. But since 2011, funding froze, after a resolution condemning Israel for complicating access of Muslims to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israel also stopped paying !!

Israel is threatening to withdraw. Some of UNESCO’s programs had to be closed. The debt is already more than half a billion dollars. To not repay it, the US announced its withdrawal.

“The United States as a permanent member of the UN Security Council has a special responsibility to the international community.” said Alexander Kuznetsov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation. “And what they did is a clear blow to the UN system and the universality of this system, and in general for international multilateral cooperation”.

However, UNESCO is confident that sooner or later all countries will again unite in the name of the humanitarian mission of this international organization.

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