Benjamin Netanyahu could not forgive UNESCO recognition of Palestine

Israel, following the United States, is preparing to withdraw from UNESCO. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported this. He already gave all the necessary orders. And he stressed that in this way Tel Aviv wants to support the United States. Earlier, the State Department unexpectedly announced the parting with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Time for such a demarche cannot be worse. The situation in the world is far from stable, a lot depends on the efforts of the UN, especially on the preservation of cultural heritage in hot spots. However, Washington, it seems, does not care. The State Department solemnly declares: the United States and UNESCO are not following the path. Divorce is scheduled for December 31, 2018.

Following this, American diplomats explain why.

“This decision was not easy for us, but two key factors influenced it: the first is the arrears of contributions, the second is the unacceptable politicization of UNESCO, where anti-Israeli sentiment is becoming more active, and the US is trying to fight,” Chris Hegadorn, Charge d’affaires of the United States to UNESCO.

The so-called anti-Israel bias should be discussed separately. It’s been six years since UNESCO accepted Palestine as a separate state. The United States does not pay membership fees. Many political scientists are sure: they banally found an excuse to save. And now, hiding behind all the same Palestinian-Israeli disagreements, they decided to break off relations altogether. The UN does not agree with this approach.

“The United States and the United Nations have always had strong and productive relations within our many units, of course, there are contradictions, but as you know, the Secretary-General successfully collaborates with the US government and will continue to contact with him so that we can achieve our common goals” , – said the deputy official representative of the UN Secretary-General, Fahran Hak.

Be that as it may, in Tel Aviv, the actions of American partners are regarded as a gesture of support. And now Israel itself is going to leave. Prime Minister Netanyahu explains this by saying that the organization “has become a theater of the absurd.” The reaction to all this should be immediate.

What UNESCO Director-General says?

“As the Director-General of UNESCO, I deeply regret that in 2011, I already said that the United States has a lot for UNESCO, and UNESCO means a lot to the US, because this country was one of the founders of our organization, in which education, culture, and science are considered as instruments for achieving peace, “says UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova.

The Russian side has a similar viewpoint. According to the press secretary of the president, the news is sad. Well, the Foreign Ministry says that the United States aggravates the situation of UNESCO, which can not but cause regret.

By the way, Americans announced their parting with UNESCO at the very time when the institution is going through a serious crisis. There is already a day unsuccessfully trying to choose a new CEO. Their nominations were lifted by China and Lebanon, and earlier by Guatemala, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Vietnam. So among the contenders, there were only representatives of Egypt, Qatar, and France.

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